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Torsion Bar is a unique type of barbell designed to cover all your favourite traditional exercises. Its shorter length and simple design also opens up hundreds of new functional moves. No plates or clips required, nothing to break.

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Simple, clever design

More than just a steel bar. Patented end caps give a 10mm gap for easy pick up and stop the bar rolling. A high quality polymer coating gives better grip and prevents rust.

Take it with you wherever you go

Designed with ease of transport and storage front of mind. Small enough to keep in your car or under your bed so you always have it handy.

Born in the military

The first 'Torsion Bars' were simple steel bars from an Armoured Personnel Carrier that we used during Special Forces training. That simple piece of metal tested us in a thousand ways.

Built to last

No fuss, military grade equipment designed to survive the toughest environments.

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