The options are endless! We have discovered that our customers generally choose the AUSFIT Torsion Bar for the following reasons;

  1. Exercise versatility
  2. Compact storage
  3. Reduced client footprint (2m barbell compared to a 90cm ATB)
  4. Anti-Rust coating
  5. Anti-Roll end caps
  6. Group X user experience (No changing weights on Pump bars)
  7. The oversized bar assists the grip for elderly clients
  8. The oversized grip subconsciously trains the hand and wrist muscles
  9. Implementation of the Offset Training Method
  10. Portability for Mobile PT’s and Boot Camps
  11. Rehabilitation tool for Physiotherapists
  12. Innovative solution for Spin Studio strength classes.
  13. Weapon simulator for military fitness testing – Civilians & Military units

Benefits for an OUTDOOR TRAINER?

If you are a PT that trains outdoors then the portability, anti-rust benefits as well as not needing to transport plates and clips will definitely be useful to you.

Benefits for an SMALL STUDIO?

If you own a Small Studio then the Compact Storage and reduced ‘Client Footprint’ means you can fit more people in each class. The Versatility of the ATB means you can add more exciting, non-traditional training methods to your programming to keep your clients on their toes! Implementing the ‘Offset Training Method’ will also give a structured change to your programming focusing on the patented ATB formula of STRENGTH, MOBILITY, STABILITY – SMS


The ‘Offset Training Method’ or OTM is a training method developed by ATB Founder Anthony Richardson, it uses the unique weight distribution of the ATB and an offset hand position on the bar visualised by the 7 ‘Landmarks’ on the reverse side of the ATB to offset the weight in one of 4 directions relative to the body – Anterior (forward facing), Posterior (facing backwards), lateral (facing to the side away from the body) and Medial (facing to the centre of the body from the side). This training method not only increases the force required to keep the ATB in a state of Equilibrium (horizontal) but also de-stabilises the body creating a conscious need to activate the Core and stabiliser to maintain correct postural alignment during both phases of the exercise.

How do I know which ATB is RIGHT FOR ME?

AUSFIT Torsion Bars offer 9 different sized Torsion Bars from 4-20kg. Each Bar is described under the Products tab at the top of the page. If you are still unsure which Bar is right for you, please contact us via the Contact Us form and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Why are they so THICK?

The ATB has been designed with an oversized thickness to improve Grip Strength – The thicker bar requires those forgotten and often untrained wrist, hand and forearm muscles to activate more than they normally would for a regular size bar.

The ATB is to thick, I CAN’T GRIP IT.. ?

If you find the ATB to be too thick, or you are a trainer that has a client who can’t grip the ATB with a grip of the thumb on one side and the fingers on the other, than try to hold the bar with the thumb on the same side as the fingers, this method can be used in both an ‘overhand’ and underhand grip. Given the angle of the fingers in this grip the hand, wrist and forearm muscles will still be worked.

Do you only go to 20kg?

Yes, and the first thing our customers say when they get their hands on it is WOW! Is that really 20KG! The oversized grip and the unique weight distribution of the ATB makes them deceptively heavy! Unlike the Kettlebell and Dumbell the ATB weight is not located centrally to the users hand requiring more wrist and forearm activation for stabilisation. The oversized diameter also makes this challenging.

Are there instructions with the Racks?

Of course, the Floor Rack and Wall Rack come with instructions and everything you need to put them up. Our YouTube channel also has instructional videos on how they are assembled. Click HERE to check them out.

Other questions?

The AUSFIT Torsion Bar Customer support team are here to help you with any shipping or Torsion Bar related questions you may have! Email us and we will reply ASAP!

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