Our Story ATB

Founded in early 2013 by Anthony Richardson following 11 years of service with the Royal Australian Navy. AUSFIT Torsion Bars quickly grew from a garage in North Sydney to a multi-million-dollar business providing Torsion Bars to the Australia Defence Force, international militaries, commercial gyms and home users.

Originally designed for MILITARY USE for their ease of transport, cost effectiveness due to long-term resistance to the elements, the AUSFIT Torsion Bar quickly became the go-to piece of equipment for Bootcamps and Personal Trainers. The compact design also made the AUSFIT Torsion Bar perfect for small boutique studios with limited space.

As a company AUSFIT Torsion Bars believes that doing one thing well, is better than doing many things poorly, this is why we STRIVE TO IMPROVE every aspect of the Torsion Bar, from innovating the protective coating to improve the life of the product, to the patented anti-roll end caps and the application of branding.

 Our COMMUNITY is key to our success, ensuring all of our customers are happy with their new equipment regardless of their spend, we will always try to accommodate fast turnarounds for gym openings and events.

 Recently, we have launched AUSFIT Rentals for those in quarantine or isolation and a Strategic Partnership with TACTICAL STRENGTH EQUIPMENT to bring innovation to weapon simulators for the tactical athlete.