Our Story

In 2012 Anthony trained for 18 months to make selection for the Australian Special Forces UnitAfter passing the selection course, Anthony decided to return to the Navy and take a year off travelling before returning to the military. This training and selection was where he first learned of the ‘Torsion Bar’.

Whilst saving for his year off from the Navy, Anthony started an Outdoor Group Fitness Boot camp to supplement his incomeWhen the Boot Camp began, Anthony saw the need for the Torsion Bars from his selection course. The ‘Torsion Bars’ were long pieces of steel. A Torsion Bar from an M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, cut in half.

As Anthony couldn’t get his hands on any old M113 Torsion Bars, he created his own.

From the first Torsion Bar design in 2013 there have been significant improvements. The final design now using the highest grade steel that is dense and unique. This gives the AUSFIT Torsion Bar the heaviest weight possible, whilst maintaining a length less than 1 metre. Combined with their superior rust protection implemented by an innovative polymer coating technique. AUSFIT Torsion bars are perfect for storage and use outdoors. This sets the AUSFIT Torsion Bar apart from the original Military Torsion Bars. The anti-roll end caps also make them perfect for service on Naval platforms at sea.

The AUSFIT Torsion Bar is the first purpose built barbell designed for the outdoors and service within the militaryIt is also now the go-to barbell for studios, home gyms, spin studios, pilates and injury rehabilitation clinics. It is easy to use, no weights or clips – as well as the huge amount of exercises that are unique to the Torsion Bar.

In 2017 Anthony and the ATB Team finalised the ‘Offset Training Method” – OTM, a training method which utilises the AUSFIT Torsion Bars unique weight distribution combined with an offset grip increases the load to specific muscles dependant on the direction of offset Anterior, Lateral, Posterior etc. The OTM not only increases the load during the exercise but also de-stabilises the body creating the core to activate to maintain proper postural alignment during both phases of the exercise.

AUSFIT Torsion Bars now supplies home gym users, the military as well as Commercial and Government orders around the world.